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Grammar in Action Program (GAP)


One lesson per week
English grammar focus

Maximum 35 students per class (recommended class size 25)
Delivered through SINE multimedia PowerPoints

To give students the form and use of English structures to communicate in English accurately in the real world
To prepare students for English tests ONET, TOEFL and TOEIC
To make learning English fun and engaging
Five-Step Methodology
1.    Students follow a compelling narrative through listening and social media: Twitter and Facebook posts.
2.    The teacher asks questions to check for comprehension.
3.    The teacher leads an analysis of language highlighting form and use.
4.    The students complete activities using the target structures to aide assimilation.
5.    The students practice the target structures in freer speaking and writing activities with feedback from the instructor.
*      The majority of Thai students still leave school unable to use correct grammatical forms despite having a good receptive knowledge of grammar.
*      The students’ English becomes increasingly accurate and confident as they use the target language in communicative contexts.

The Grammar in Action Program pushes the students to improve the accuracy of their communications making them more effective communicators.


The use of social media motivates the students to understand the need for accurate communication.
All the GAP sessions start with English warmer activities, which ensures the students have fun as they improve their English.

GAP Student Books – In Focus
SINE has developed the In Focus series of student books to enable students to gain the maximum benefit from the GAP program. SINE provides one colour In Focus student book for each student each term. This allows the students to keep a clear written record of all vocabulary and target language covered.