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Integrated Skills (ISP)


  • To give students the language and confidence to use English in the real world and prepare them for an English work environment
  • To make learning English fun and engaging


  • One lesson per week
  • Four-skills focus
  • Maximum 35 students per class
  • Delivered through SINE multimedia PowerPoint presentations

18 Sessions Per Term

7 Integrated skills sessions

4 Video project sessions

2 Pronunciation sessions

2 Games review sessions

2 Standard tests

1 English through songs session

ISP Student Books - Engage

SINE has developed the Engage series of student books to enable students to gain the maximum benefit from the ISP program. SINE provides one colour Engage student book for each student each term. These allow the students to keep a clear written record of all vocabulary and target language covered.

  • The Integrated Skills Sessions push the students to engage in real world communication situations preparing students for work in the ASEAN community.
  • Video project sessions motivate the students to present their ideas in English.
  • Our unique pronunciation skills sessions help develop native-speaker stress and intonation patterns.