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Engaging students - Teaching with Multimedia

A Unique Approach

Teaching English to large classes of students is extremely challenging. At SINE, we believe the only way to do this effectively and consistently across multiple schools is through the use of Multimedia in the classroom. All SINE lessons are delivered through PowerPoint and use images, video and sound to engage students in the learning process.

Sine Multimedia lessons engage the students with easy to understand images, sound and video input. More students are involved; more time is spent speaking English; and, more students improve.

We offer three programs to our schools. Total Conversation Program (TCP) develops students' vocabulary, speaking and listening skills in common face-to-face situations. Integrated Skills Program (ISP)  is at a higher level and takes students to the next step as they develop four skills communication in real-world situations. Grammar in Action Program (GAP) is our most challenging program and only suitable for stronger speakers of English who need to improve the accuracy of their English communication and succeed in standard tests of Englisk like the ONET or TOEFL tests. 
We also offer combined programs. Our most popular we call EC2 where students study both TCP and ISP. We also have some classes that study Accelerated English Program (AEP) which combines all three courses TCP, ISP and GAP.

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