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At SINE, we are very proud of the programs we have developed because they give students great opportunities to improve their English skills. However, without enthusiastic and motivated teachers the programs cannot succeed. That's why we work hard to identify the right kind of teachers to work for SINE.

We do not need years of experience but we do need the right attitude. We want teachers who enjoy being at school and working with students. Being a teacher in Thai public (government) schools can be very challenging. Class sizes are large and resources often lacking. To counter this, we build out our classrooms with a full multimedia system. All sessions are delivered through standardized SINE PowerPoints following standard lesson "scripts". Therefore, teachers do not have to spend a lot of time preparing, we do that for you, but you do have to be ready to follow the SINE system in the classroom.

If you pass the selection process, we will give you full training in the SINE method before we place in the school. To get a better idea of how we approach teaching large groups have a look at this video.


SINE provides:

  • A good monthly salary
  • Health Insurance
  • A contract completion bonus
  • Assistance with processing of your Non-B visa and the processing and payment for the Work Permit and visa. (Work permits and visas in Thailand)

To apply for a position, please click on "Apply Now" and complete the short application form. We will contact you shortly.

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